Guusje Bertholet kunstschilder

1 Mei, 2020 - 1 Jul, 2020

GUUSJE BERTHOLET kunstschilder

Guusje Bertholet Grote groene sprinkhaan

Guusje Bertholet
Grote groene sprinkhaan

At a very young age, when I was barely old enough to see over the table, I discovered that my father, an architect in his professional life, spent all his free time drawing and painting watercolours. My first thought was, I want to do that too. My father recognised this as an opportunity and began teaching me the basic elements of drawing.


When I finished school, I didn’t go to art school. After a series of adventures, I began studying Dutch law at the University of Maastricht, a study I completed in 1991.


But after I had practised law for about eight years, I could no longer ignore the feeling that it was time to start drawing and painting again. I finally decided to enrol at the University of Maastricht in a special postgraduate master course in medical illustration. This course was set up in 1996 as a joint project of Maastricht’s Academy of Visual Arts and the University of Maastricht Medical School.


The course covered all aspects of medical illustration, including the study of human and animal anatomy. Although I worked my way through stacks of heavy anatomy books, I often found they lacked the information I needed. Dissection of prepared cadavers provided the all-important further information I needed to make an accurate representation.


After my graduation I got particularly inspired by insects and tribal cultures around the world. Both are losing their habitats to urbanization, with the result that their populations are quickly declining. I want to paint them on canvas, as large as possible, before they pass away.


Guusje Bertholet





2006                                       Dutch Design Award,  category “Illustration”.

2007                                       Dr. Salvador Pascual Award, Centro de Cirurgia de Minima Invasion, Caceres (Spanje).

2008                                       Nomination German Design Award, category  “Illustration”.                                                               



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